Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival the 4th Award2022 Bringing the charm of Japan's regions firmly to the world

Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival the 4th
Yoron ,Kagoshima pref Online event

  • 2022.03.16(Wed)
  • 2022.03.17(Thu)


ScheduleWednesday, March 16, 2022 and Thursday, March 17, 2022
Holding formatOnline format (delivery site will be in Yoron Town, Kagoshima Prefecture)
 (The venue for distribution will be in Yoron-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture.)
The event will be streamed on JWTFF's official YouTube channel.



Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 10:00 - 19:00(to be streamed on the official JWTFF YouTube channel

10:00Opening (video streaming from Yoron Island)
10:10Festival Opening Ceremony (online)
Message from CIFFT President Alexander Kammel (video message)
Greetings from Yoron Town
Explanation of the purpose of the JWTFF Director Takeshi Kikawa
10:40Talk Session (Stage 2)
JWTFF Director Jury Members Yoron Island Officials
11:10Screening of films
11:25Forum 1: Yoron Island Session (Stage 2 and Zoom)
SDGs: From the Frontlines of Tourism
12:00Film Screening
13:30Featured Video of the Year Executive Committee (Stage 2 and Zoom)
Jury Chairman and Jury Members
14:20Screening of submitted videos
14:30Forum 2[Tourism Film Association for Destination Marketing] Aomori Session (Zoom)
Appealing to Customers through Tourism Promotion Films
~Through the efforts of Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Speakers Taiwan Tourism Bureau Tokyo Office, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, Aomori Creation Partners Co., Ltd.
15:15Screening of submitted films
15:30Forum3[Tourism Film Association for Destination Marketing](Zoom)
Marketing through Tourism Films
Speakers Mr. Masateru Matsushita, JTB Research Institute, Yoron Town, Haimurubushi Corporation, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
16:15Screening of submitted films
17:30Screening of submitted films
17:45Talk Session with International Jury (Zoom English)
18:45Screening of submitted films
19:00Scheduled to end

Thursday, March 17, 2022, 10:00 - 19:00(to be streamed on the official JWTFF YouTube channel

10:00Featured Films of the Year Executive Committee
Jury President and Jury Members
11:00Film Screening
11:15Forum ④⑦ Executive Committee (Stage 2)
Summary of this year's films submissions
Executive Committee Representative Jury Chairman Jury
12:00Screening of submitted videos
13:10Forum 5: [Tourism Film Association for Destination Marketing] (Zoom)
The Effects of Tourism Video on Local Tourism Attraction" "Aomori Prefecture's Future Attraction of Visitors

Yasuko Shima, Representative, Y Project Inc.

Dr. Jyuo Mori, Deputy Director (in charge of social cooperation) and Professor,
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hirosaki University

Aomori Creation Partners Co., Ltd.
13:55Screening of submitted films
14:00Forum 6: [Tourism Film Association for Destination Marketing]
The state of communication between region and consumers through digital marketing utilizing tourism films
Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd, Yoron Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
14:45Screening of submitted videos
15:00Forum ⑦ Executive Committee (Stage 1)
Tourism in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan
Her Excellency Siniša Belyan
15:50Screening of submitted films
16:30Award Ceremony (Stage 1 and Distribution (Overseas))
19:00Scheduled to end

Event Information

Forum 1: Yoron Island Session (Stage 2 and Zoom)

From the Frontlines of SDG Tourism

Wednesday, March 16, 11:25~

Yoron Town used to be a tourist destination that was overdeveloped, but now it has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Sustainable Tourism Destinations in the World" by Green Destinations, an international certification organization, and is listed in the Japanese version of the Sustainable Tourism Guidelines (JSTG) promoted by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA). It has become a tourist destination of interest in SDGs tourism, being designated as a model district for fiscal 2021 under the Japan Sustainable Tourism Strategy for Sustainable Development (JSTS-D). This session will discuss the background of this project.

Stage 2


Wednesday, March 16, 16:30~

"ART&FACTORY JAPAN Yoron Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Yoron Factory") is a video competition in which filmmakers recommended by the festival are actually sent to Yoron, and during their stay, they improvise and make videos of its attractions according to their own sensibilities. This year, three artists entered the competition. This year, three artists entered the competition to show the latest charms of Yoron. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)"

Stage 1 and Distribution (Overseas Division)

Awards Ceremony

Thursday, March 17, 16:30~

From 201 entries in the domestic category and 1,534 entries in the international category, the awards in each category and the Grand Prix will be announced. The International Competition will be presented along with images of Yoron Island.

Work introduction

We are preparing right now.




We will hold a film festival from Yoron Island, which is rich in culture, history, and nature, to share Japanese tourism images with the world.
We ask for your support for the planning and operation of the festival, which was decided on short notice, and for measures against infectious diseases.

Crowdfunding is underway!

We want to make the Japan International Tourism Video Festival Yoron a success after the Aomori festival was canceled!

JWTFF's mission is to discover and deliver outstanding Japanese tourism videos to the world. Special emphasis is placed on introducing regions unknown to the rest of the world.

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